Future Scenarios for Google Lens

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It is a tiny feature called Google Lens, and it has been quietly amassing powers and slinking around on Android for years. Strangely enough, Google does not make a big deal out of it, and you really must look for it to even know that it exists. The moment you find it, however, you will feel as though you are carrying a magic wand. 

Hiking Trails Guided by AR

As you near the remains in Capitan in 2030, you are astounded at how adeptly the electric automobile effortlessly negotiates the twisting mountain routes. An air-cleaning mechanism in the car’s engine continuously hums on this smokey morning. Google Lens creates cliff outlines as you look out the window, which are visible on clearer days. 

SEO Strategies that Focus on Unique Images

Captain will keep you secure while you unwind on a night out. Additionally, they are here to take some striking, impressionistic product photos for a new online retailer of specialized rock-climbing gear.

As dusk falls, you unpack the lighting equipment for the shoot. To provide the best shopping experience for products like carabiners, competing businesses recreate the photos you take using artificial intelligence programs. 

Utility Focus Inside Technology 

Although a utility-focused approach to technology and apps is frequently regarded as dull.  We need to understand the value exchange is straightforward since it commands the most user loyalty. Modern technology’s fundamental problem is that it can be challenging to get users to adopt it. The simplest solution is to urge users to utilize the feature so frequently that it becomes second nature.

In Google Lens, this practical feature is a part of Google Photos. It lets users to “ask questions,” with the use case Google described being the extraction of a phone number from an image. Even though engineering is certainly complex, this is simple to utilize and is a good illustration of utility. 


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Image Courtesy: Pexels

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