How Voice Assistant Impact Our Lives

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You should not be surprised to learn that we live in a period of innovative technology. Artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and machine learning technology are all around us. According to research, approximately 45 million Americans use voice assistants, including smart speakers. 

Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple Home Pod are already well-known. Voice assistants are among the smart technologies that are being developed by an increasing number of businesses. Today, we can set timers, thermostats, and security systems, and listen to music using Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa, among other things.

We shall discuss how voice assistants are transforming our way of life in this article. Make sure you read the post in its entirety to fully grasp how modern technology is enhancing our daily life. 

What Can Voice Assistants Do?

Many devices we use everyday feature voice assistants. Our houses’ smart speakers and cellphones both contain them. They are used by mobile operating systems and applications alike.

Increased Use of Voice Assistants

The voice assistant market will advance along with the continuing technological advancements and changes. By the end of 2018, 30 percent of interactions with technology would include having “conversations” with smart equipment, many of which would be voice-based, according to a prediction made by the research firm Gartner in April 2015. 

Technology Trends

The most prevalent technological trends right now are conversational user edges and voice assistants. Among the businesses that are closely monitoring the trend to grow their market share are Amazon, Google, and Facebook. Voice assistant technology is developing exponentially across a variety of industries, including banking, healthcare, government, security, construction, and retail. 

Context-based understanding has been a breakthrough in voice assistance technology over the past few years and is currently playing a significant role in people’s lives. Customers want customized experiences with top-notch Voice technology.

Retail and eCommerce

The retail and eCommerce industries have come to rely heavily on voice assistants. A technique called voice commerce offers a simple replacement for the keyboard and mouse. 

By giving customers the greatest experience possible, voice assistant integration on eCommerce sites will save users’ time, which is what makes a business lucrative. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are the voice assistants that customers are using frequently to buy and sell products.

Healthcare Industry

In the healthcare industry, voice assistants mostly fall into two categories i.e; Patients and healthcare professionals. healthcare professionals are using these apps to record information, retrieve records, and analyze patient-related data. 

Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare organizations are at the main focus so they can save time. In this way, voice assistants have completely transformed the healthcare industry. 

Those patients who have acute and long-term medical diseases frequently experience outbursts. Voice assistants are excellent medical technology. Patients can quickly reach medical specialists by using them. Learn more in this article about the use of voice technology in healthcare. 

Entertainment & Media

For the media and entertainment industries, voice apps present an entirely new medium. Businesses in these sectors are employing speech technology to create stories and characters with unique audio that mimic brand personalities. 

Technology has advanced past routine orders and is now the most interesting platform for the media, news, and entertainment sectors. Using voice assistant apps, you can access the news networks of your choice. 

Neha Verma
Neha Verma
Neha Verma is a content writer who has 5+ years of experience in writing content in different domains and industries. She has been working with B2B & B2C industries and has created content for presentations, training, worked on web content, and copy content. She specializes in blogging, email marketing, and digital marketing content. Currently, she lives in India.
Image Courtesy: Pexels

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