Top Big Data Technologies

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Over the last few years, the world of technology is growing rapidly. “Big Data” technologies has emerged with various tech advancements. Upcoming years awaits reasonable developments in the Big Data world.

Big data technologies have made it possible for businesses to store, process, and analyze enormous amounts of data. This article helps you understand the Big Data technology better.

Artificial Intelligence 

To implement Big data, companies need an automating tool capable of wading through vast amounts of information. Artificial intelligence is exactly the type of tool that helps process the input. The unique synergy of AI and Big data forms unprecedented analytic capabilities.

NoSQL Database 

The NoSQL database includes many Big Data technologies developed to design modern applications. They are used in real-time web and big data analytics. It stores unstructured data offering great flexibility and speed. 

Hadoop Framework 

Hadoop Framework is a straightforward programming approach to store and analyze data. It is distributed in data processing environment using commodity hardware. It is able to store and analyze data from various machines at high speeds and low costs. 

SQL-based Technologies 

Structured Query Language (SQL) is used for structuring, manipulating, and managing databases. SQL-based systems like MySQL is a need for software development. NoSQL databases emerges as firms and enables faster performance of relational databases.  

R Programming 

R Programming is one of the open-source programming languages and big data technologies. The open-source software used for statistical computing, visualization and assistance communication. 


Kubernetes is an open-source Big Data tool created for vendor-neutral cluster and container management. It provides a platform for host cluster-based container system automation, deployment, escalation, and execution. 

There will be more ground-breaking technologies in the years to come. Implementing Big Data Technology in business comes with a lot of benefits. If possible, get help on choosing or developing appropriate software utility for managing and analyzing big data.



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Image Courtesy: Pexels

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